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August 27th is Global Forgiveness Day. Aren’t you tired of that feeling in the pit of your stomach or the time you waste thinking about past offenses.

We all need to forgive and to be forgiven. Is it possible to finally let go of the hurts and pains we hold on to?  In this 5 CD audio series award winning and best selling author and conflict coach Lisa Gibson teaches you of how to forgive anyone for anything. Get your copy of this life-changing resource Learning To Forgive: Your Pathway To Inner Peace

Lisa Gibson receives prestigious “Love And Forgiveness Exemplar” Award



Lisa Gibson receives prestigious ‘Love and Forgiveness

 In Governance Exemplar’ award



Colorado Springs, CO June 16, 2013 — The Peace & Prosperity Board is thrilled to announce Lisa Gibson, has been awarded for her contributions, the prestigious Love and Forgiveness in Governance Exemplar award.  The purpose of this award is to recognize, learn from, and contribute to the efforts of government and governance leaders who have demonstrated aspects of love and forgiveness in their work.  The Love and Forgiveness in Governance honors recipients for global achievements.


Lisa’s passion to teach forgiveness globally began after showing her own incredible love and forgiveness to the masterminds behind one of the world’s most deadly acts of terrorism – the Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988 — in which she lost her brother Kenneth.


Lisa Gibson, an attorney, global conflict consultant, mediator, award-winning and bestselling author, and Executive Director of the Peace and Prosperity Alliance, has shared her story and also told of her willingness to follow the path of forgiveness, which has since given her a platform to train leaders in conflict resolution and forgiveness in many war torn nations including Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Israel.  Despite her devastating loss, she chose to forgive the masterminds responsible–even meeting with former Libyan Leader Muammar Qaddafi to say so.  Lisa’s life mission has been to forgive, love her enemies and overcome evil with good.  Since that time, Lisa has also been by CNN, Fox News, ABC, The Hour of Power, NBC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times and countless other major media sources.


The Love and Forgiveness in Governance Project documents exemplary efforts to “move beyond hate and unrightable wrongs of the past” in ways that build a positive future and is a joint project the School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University, Beyond Intractability and the Fetzer Institute.  There are hundreds of thousands of officials and leaders participating in active governance today in the world.  Many are public figures who are well known to their localities, but not well known to the greater peace building community.   The purpose of the Love and Forgiveness in Governance Project is to highlight not only the work of well-known exemplars, but also the work of many other individuals at all levels of governance


The phrase love and forgiveness in governance refers to how leaders utilize love and forgiveness principles in making decisions on how to resolve conflicts. “Love and forgiveness are universal values practiced throughout the world.  These two elements seem to transcend race, culture, and nationality, making them a central part of what makes us human.


After Lisa lost her brother in the Lockerbie attack, she pursued a degree in law with the desire to use her training to build peace and reconciliation in Libya.  Before the death of Qaddafi, Lisa established Peace and Prosperity Alliance and sought to meet dignitaries, ambassadors, and other Libyan public figures.  After the fighting ceased, Lisa took a team to Libya to help people in need and has recently returned to teach leaders and students about peace and restoration rather than revenge and war.


A message posted about Lisa Gibson’s award said, “Lisa’s work and courage has brought about improved conditions for Libyan citizens and even influenced the popular movement that ultimately brought about a democratic government in Libya. During the first months of the Libyan revolution, the international community and the Civil Society Non-governmental Organizations (NGO) supported the masses. Peace and Prosperity Alliance was among the pioneering NGOs that provided humanitarian support to the masses. During that time it was apparent that what the Libyan people need most was capacity-building programs to unlearn what the tyrant had tried to implant and to relearn the principles of democracy and leadership.  Lisa Gibson offered crucially needed financial and capacity building support during this period. In addition, she made efforts to recruit professional trainers to share their experiences, skills, and knowledge with the Libyan people, aimed at supporting the evolution of a new vision that can enlighten transformation from the past to a positive future in Libya. The workplace conflict management presented by Lisa was among the seminal courses that inspired attendance and has been highly valued.  The personal experience of reconciliation that Lisa has been through after the tragic loss of her brother in the Lockerbie tragedy is inspirational.” It concluded by saying, “Lisa is a true humanitarian.”


Some of her achievements includes but are not limited to the following: Christian Book Choice Award 1st Place for her book ‘Life in Death.’  Lisa Gibson’s second book, ‘Releasing the Chains-Timeless Wisdom on How to Forgive Anyone for Anything,’ was just released.  Some of her other achievements include World’s Women For Life Secretary 2009, Denver and Colorado Springs World Affairs Council, Libya Partnership Leadership Team, Director of Mission’s Council, Nebraska Bar Association, Georgia Bar Association, Past International Coordinator For United States Junior Chamber of Commerce, and Past Executive Vice President Omaha Junior Chamber of Commerce.  Lisa currently serves as Vice Chair of the Colorado Springs Human Relations Commission.”


Past recipients of the award have included Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu.


By Stephanie Downes

Peace & Prosperity Alliance board member


For more information on Lisa’s work, please go to: and or email or call (719) 323-9306




Prescriptions for Healing Conflict

Prescriptions for Healing Conflict HOST, MARI FRANK, INTERVIEWS

lisa gibson, february 18th, 2013, AT 8:30AM ON KUCI 88.9 FM IN IRVINE AND STREAMING ON WWW.KUCI.ORG 



Lisa Gibson will discuss the following topics and more!


1.       The Peace and Prosperity Alliance


2.       How Holding a Grudge would only Hurt You


3.       The 6 Stages of Forgiveness



Don’t miss this fascinating interview with Lisa Gibson!


Here’s some background information about this great guest:


Lisa Gibson lost her brother in one of the world’s most deadly acts of terrorism–the flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. Yet despite this devastating loss, and missing her brother every day, Lisa has forgiven the terrorist mastermind responsible. She made the headlines when she met with and forgave Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. Lisa has been featured on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News and countless others.

Lisa has made it her life’s mission to help others move through the pain of loss to wholeness and forgiveness. She reveals what it takes to forgive anyone for anything, no matter what the crime, betrayal, offense, or injury.

Lisa is a global conflict coach, attorney, mediator, public speaker and author. Her books include the award-winning best seller “Life In Death: A Journey From Terrorism To Triumph” and the new critically praised “Releasing The Chains Timeless Wisdom On How To Forgive Anyone For Anything.”

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Lisa interviewed by Annabelle Drumm

Book Launch

Why Conciliation is better than Retaliation

In any life and in any relationship there are bound to be times when a disagreement arises.  It’s just a fact and the faster a person learns how to deal with this fact the better, more peaceful and less stressful life that they’re going to have.  It also is accepted among specialists that it is better to conciliate (forgive, make peace with, resolve the problem) than it is to retaliate (strike back, get revenge) when you’ve had a fight, disagreement or argument with someone, no matter who that person is. The reasons for this are several and are discussed below.
First, if you’re a religious person you probably already know that Christianity, Catholicism and most of the major religions say that ‘to forgive is divine’. What this means is that a person who is able to forgive someone, even if they have done them wrong, is a better person for it. In fact most experts will tell you that they believe forgiveness to be transformational. In other words, forgiving someone can turn you into a better person.
Now let’s forget that for a moment and look at what most arguments, fights and disagreements entail, which is a difference of opinion.  If you have a fight with someone because of a difference of opinion, and that person happens to be either a family member or someone you work with (both types of people that are important in your everyday life) it really behooves you to resolve the problem peacefully and thoroughly rather than to try and do something back to the person because you feel slighted. In fact any type of ‘revenge’ in this situation will probably just make matters worse and in some cases much worse. Sometimes, as the saying goes, it’s better to agree not to agree than to try and strike back.
Retaliation, relatively speaking, is much easier than forgiveness.  It’s a way to ‘unload’ your pain but it usually doesn’t make you feel better and most of the time makes any problems worse.  Conciliation, on the other hand, is harder but much more valuable and can make any relationship stronger.  In the end, it just makes more sense to ‘make up’ than to ‘get back’ at someone.


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